The Test of Time, 25 (35) years after.



FileMaker is still on sales! It is currently called FileMaker Pro, edited by “Filemaker, a subsidiary of Apple”, currently at version 18 and retailing for…well, if you really want to have it, you have to shell out 576Euro/user (in France). But, as most every publisher, they pretend that you “rent” it, at 16 Euro/user-month forever.


Born: August 1987, by Raymond Lau, at $15. Sold today by: Aladdin Systems, as Sruff­ lt Deluxe 3.0, at $120. (A shareware ver­sion is still priced at $2 5.)


Stuffit is also still on the market, from publisher “Smith Micro Software”.Or rather it is “probably” stil on the market, as there is no mention of it in the publisher website.In any case, after the introduction of MacOS X — natively supporting unix gzip and other such compression programs — it is less and less used. Apparently it latest version is 15.0.7

Aldus PageMaker

Lotus Jazz


The real question is: what happened to Lotus ?



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